MMG Education appointed by Catholic Education WA for extended pilot stakeholder reviews

As a result of pilot parent, staff and student satisfaction reviews with two of the Catholic Education Western Australia schools, MMG Education have been selected to conduct expanded pilot research with a further 24 schools in 2018. The reviews will provide the Catholic Education Western Australia executive and school principals with research informed insights regarding parent, staff and student satisfaction across a wide range of each school’s value proposition.

MMG Education establishing Hong Kong Office

In response to the growing need for MMG Education services in Asia, we are in the process of establishing an office in Hong Kong (MMG Education Asia). In the past few years a number of leading international schools have commissioned MMG education for major projects.

MMG Education & Australian Catholic University Alliance

In late 2017 MMG and the Australian Catholic University (ACU) formed a research collaboration alliance to pursue best practices in educational research in schools.

The Australian Catholic University is one of Australia’s leading universities with a strategic goal to becoming a world leader in research.

How Net Promoter Scores Can Help Schools Measure Advocacy

In a first for the education sector, MMG Education has introduced the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) measure to all of its questionnaires. This will provide schools with an additional measure of parent, staff and student advocacy and measure of loyalty, and the ability to benchmark against other ‘like’ schools.