Executive Staff 360 Degree Feedback

The Executive Staff 360 Degree Feedback process is a tailored performance review that delivers research based feedback on executive staff for their personal development. The review provides Principals and school executives with feedback from their peers and direct reports about their individual performance.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and the MMG Education review provides complete confidentiality of information. Tailored online surveys cover key aspects about:

  • Executive attributes
  • Competencies
  • Characteristics

Why engage in an Executive Staff 360 degree review?

The Executive Staff 360 Degree review provides a Principal and individual executive with feedback on their performance across a wide range of areas to assist with personal development.

Major benefits

The information provides the opportunity for constructive performance feedback in a confidential and individual way.

Target Stakeholder Groups

  • Principal/Head
  • Members of School Executive
  • Executive direct reports


MMG Education recommends this review be conducted annually.

Main Areas Covered*

Executive Staff 360 Degree Review
Role clarity
School mission
Relationship with parents
Relationship with staff
Relationship with students
Personal attributes
Pursuit of continual improvement
Feedback & support

Response Rate: Typically is 100%
Time to Complete Questionnaires: 10 minutes
Duration of Project: 6 weeks

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