School Alumni Review

Alumni are becoming increasingly important for schools as a source of enrolments and support for a school’s development both through resources and financial measures. MMG Education’s School Alumni review is a comprehensive review of the perceptions, engagement and views of your school’s alumni.

A key feature of the School Alumni review is the reporting on alumni views, perceptions and needs segmented to specific alumni groups. Research findings can be segmented by alumni year cluster groups, location, current connection with the school and more.

Why engage in a School Alumni review?

The main purpose of the School Alumni review is to provide a school with views from its school’s alumni relating to their level of engagement with the school, perceptions of the school and views regarding future support.

Major benefits

The School Alumni review provides important, research based information enabling your school and your alumni association to build stronger links with its past students. Other benefits include:

  • Deep insights to create an Alumni Strategic Plan.
  • Insights into the level of loyalty of the alumni.
  • Feedback on plans and effectiveness of engagement.

Target stakeholder groups

  • Alumni


MMG Education recommends every 3 years.

Main Areas Covered*

Alumni year
School choice criteria
Awareness of role/objects of the alumni association
Relevance of alumni activities
Perceptions of school performance regarding academic performance
Perceptions of school performance regarding student welfare
Perceptions of school performance regarding co-curricular programs – sport/non-sport
Perceptions of school performance of the school re school leadership and administration
Engagement levels
Plans for schooling of children/grandchildren
School/alumni support
Alumni events and activities
Reunions – awareness, attendance, interest
Alumni association – involvement, knowledge, views
Advancement interest
Insights regarding views/support on major school projects
Ascertaining levels of interest regarding support to the school (financial, gifts, mentoring)
Communication between alumni and school
Affinity/loyalty and advocacy
School reputation in the community

(*Table shows top level only)

Response Rate: Typically is 30%+
Time to Complete Questionnaires: 20-25 minutes
Duration of Project: 8 weeks

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