How MMG Education Delivers Research Success

MMG Education has developed a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of the education segment, including the identification of a number of factors for successful stakeholder research projects:

MMG Education achieves research success for its client schools through:

  • A strong understanding of the independent and Catholic systemic school education market and specifically the unique culture of each and every school.
  • Ownership of the research/engagement project by the School Head/Principal.
  • Clear objectives, deliverables and scope.
  • The development of effective, meaningful instruments (questionnaires) to collect data so that valuable information is obtained that can be acted on.
  • Ensuring your school is well supported with experienced resources to take the majority of the administration workload away from the school.
  • Effective communication to the school community regarding the purpose, scope and process.
  • Research tools and methodology which are tailored to your school’s needs.
  • Structured collaboration with your school to ensure optimum questionnaire tailoring and content.
  • Ensuring ‘whole of school community’ involvement where appropriate in contributing to views, needs and expectations.
  • Regular feedback on the data collection process.
  • Methodologies and disciplines in place to maximise response rates allowing for in-depth analysis and drill down capabilities.
  • Ensuring and communicating total confidentiality and security of data.
  • Comprehensive but easy to understand reports which provide clear observations, views and recommendations.
  • Integration and leverage from research into your school’s strategic planning and operational planning processes.
  • Feedback to stakeholders, post research, in a proactive, planned and ongoing manner.

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