Prospective Parent Review

MMG Education’s Prospective Parent review is a core component of the Enrolment Best Practice review. It provides a comprehensive review of the perceptions, engagement and views of your school from the point of view of a prospective parent.

Prospective parents are critical for schools as a source of enrolments. Typically, a prospective parent will apply to three schools before they make their final decision about where to send their child.

Why engage in a Prospective Parent review?

The main purpose of the Prospective Parent review is to provide your school with the views relating to their perceptions of the school, current relationship, contact management, enrolment processes and comparisons to other schools on key areas.

Major benefits

The Prospective Parent review provides important research based data enabling your school to assess the strength of its prospective parent listings and satisfaction with the school’s engagement processes.

Target stakeholder groups

Prospective parents


MMG Education recommends every 3 years.

*The Prospective Parent Review is a core component of the Enrolment Best Practice review.

Main Areas Covered*

Prospective Parents
Profiles – enrol year, gender, location, relationship with school
School selection criteria
Perceptions of the school
School choice position
Other schools considered
Views and perceptions of academic and teaching
Views and perceptions of student pastoral care
Views and perceptions of religious education
Views and perceptions of co-curricular
Participation in school events
Engagement effectiveness
Views relating to the school’s reputation
Perceptions of the school’s facilities and resources
Mission and values
Comparisons with other schools

(*Table shows top level only)

Response Rate: Typically 35%+
Time to Complete Questionnaires: 25-35 minutes
Duration of Project: 6 weeks