Strategic Planning Review

MMG Education’s Strategic Planning review is designed specifically to assist schools with strategic planning monitoring and development.

Why engage in a Strategic Planning review?

The Strategic Planning review has been developed to:

  • Provide schools with research based information in order to develop a new strategic plan.
  • Assist schools review the effectiveness from a stakeholder's point of view of the current plan.
  • Equip schools with the extension of an established plan.

There are two critical aspects to MMG Education’s Strategic Planning review:

  1. Gaining research based insights on the current health of a school.
  2. Obtaining school stakeholder input in relation to strategic areas for further consideration by the School Board

Current Health of School

An important element of the process is gaining research based information relating to the views, expectations and perceptions of key stakeholders in relation to the school’s value proposition.

The ‘health’ review establishes a baseline position of stakeholder views across school choice reasons, academic, teaching and learning, religious ethos, student welfare, ICT, communication, management and leadership, facilities and resources, engagement, staff tenure, staff welfare, school reputation and loyalty.

This provides the school with a ‘zero base’ reference from which progress can be monitored and important areas requiring attention can be addressed.

We have specialised online questionnaires for this purpose which are then further tailored and aligned to your school’s needs.

Major benefits

Schools benefits from MMG Education’s ability to use its extensive benchmark database to compare stakeholder views of a school to other schools across most key areas in the value proposition.

Strategic Feedback, Insights and Hypotheses

This element provides stakeholder feedback on strategic areas previously identified by a school board (and possibly staff, students and parents) that should be more widely evaluated.

Questions of a strategic nature are built into the online survey. Some examples include:

  • Views on progress towards achieving a school’s strategic intent.
  • Strategic information and feedback on hypotheses – (satisfaction, importance, interest in further evaluating).
  • International focus and opportunities.
  • Technology in relation to teaching and learning.
  • Fee options, strategies, who pays, hardship.
  • Centres of excellence in specific education areas e.g. business, science.
  • Community engagement and social justice.
  • Possible changes in such areas as campus location and role.
  • Strategies for greater engagement and support to students post
    Year 12.
  • Higher order skillsets in curriculum – problem solving, critical thinking, research, project management.
  • What should the school look like in 2020?

Target Stakeholder Groups

  • Current parents
  • Current staff
  • Current students (Years 5-12 if applicable)
  • School alumni
Download the Strategic Planning – Planning Elements Fact Sheet

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