Parent, Staff and Student Satisfaction

Parent, Staff and Student Satisfaction Reviews

A significant challenge facing today’s school leaders is the word-of-mouth views of school stakeholders. In any school community, a simple miscommunication can result in a damaged reputation through misinformed networks. MMG Education’s comprehensive Parent, Staff and Student Satisfaction reviews give school leaders clarity and confidence about a school’s performance with key stakeholder groups. Online surveys are developed and tailored for each group, leveraging from MMG Education’s experience and benchmark information. The online surveys cover all key aspects about your school relevant to each stakeholder group and are designed to identify ‘gaps’ in stakeholder views. mmg-trans


MMG Education are leaders in tailored school stakeholder research and performance benchmarking. Our research informed services span three core areas:
  • School stakeholder satisfaction reviews.
  • School strategic planning.
  • Enrolment best practice.

Parent, Staff and Student Satisfaction & Performance Reviews

Whole of school satisfaction and school performance reviews

Key Year Group Tracking Reviews

Parent and student satisfaction and school performance reviews at key transition stages e.g. Years 1, 6 (exit/transition), 7 (entry), 9 and 12 (exit)

Alumni Reviews

Segmentation, perceptions, services, relevance, engagement, reunions, support and development interest

Enrolment Best Practice Review

Enrolment processes, conversion metrics, resources, enrolment dashboards, procedures, contact management, collateral, competencies

Prospective/Future Parent Reviews

School choice position, perceptions, views, engagement (a key element of the Enrolment Best Practice Process)

Speciality Area Reviews

A range of reviews such as ATAR modelling, wellbeing, boarding, music, sport etc.

Executive Staff 360 Feedback Reviews

Provides confidential feedback regarding executive performance in such areas as communication, personal attributes, role effectiveness, collaboration, continual improvement, strengths and weaknesses

Strategic Planning Reviews

Designed specifically to assist schools with their strategic planning, monitoring and performance measurement

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