Key Year Group Tracking

MMG Education’s Key Year Group Tracking reviews are comprehensive satisfaction and performance reviews covering the perceptions and experiences of parents and students from key year groups within your school. Typically it includes a selection from years covering:

  • Transition
  • Entry
  • Exit stages

Online surveys are developed and tailored for each group, leveraging from MMG Education’s experience and benchmark information. The online surveys cover all key aspects about your school relevant to each stakeholder and are designed to identify ‘gaps’ in views. The Key Year Group review is positioned to take place between the cycle of Whole of School reviews.

Why engage in a Key Year Group Tracking review?

The Key Year Group Tracking review monitors and tracks the perceptions, views and expectations of stakeholders across specific year groups. This is proven to be valuable for schools in monitoring transition effectiveness and behaviour and needs of each year cohort without over researching parents. It provides excellent information to the Head and leadership team as to how the school is performing from a parent and student perspective.

Major benefits

A Key Year Group Tracking review provides research based information of what each year group of parents and students ‘think and feel’ about your school and how these views change as they progress through the school. Other benefits include:

  • Guidance for staff as to where, what and with whom improvement is required.
  • Deep insights into parent and student views of a school’s performance.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of a school’s operational and strategic planning processes.
  • Demonstrate to parents of the school’s desire to listen, learn and act.
  • Identifies perceived performance in all key areas.
  • Identifies ‘gaps’ in views between parents and students.
  • Tracks performance from year-to-year.
  • Allows remedial action between ‘Whole of School’ reviews.

Target stakeholder groups

Groups typically include all or a selection of key transition, entry and exit year groups


MMG Education recommends annually.

Main Areas Covered*

(Specific Year Groups)
(Specific Year Groups)
Profiles (gender, location) Profiles (gender, class)
Reasons for school choice Expectations met/exceeded
Expectations met/exceeded Satisfaction with experience
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Satisfaction with experience Teaching & learning
Teaching & learning Learning support and enrichment
Aspects of curriculum Aspects of curriculum
Learning support and enrichment Student wellbeing & bullying
Student wellbeing & bullying Religious education (if applicable)
Religious education (if applicable) Technology
Technology Communications
Communications Boarding (if relevant)
Boarding (if relevant) Outdoor education
Outdoor education Boarding (if relevant)
Co-curricular Co-curricular
Leadership Leadership
Community engagement Facilities and resources
Mission and values Preparedness for next stage (Yr 12)
Facilities and resources Facilities and resources
Reputation Reputation
Affinity (loyalty) Affinity (loyalty)
Open responses Open responses

(*Table shows top level only)

Response Rate: Typically is parents 50%+ and students 90%+
Time to Complete Questionnaires: 25-35 minutes
Duration of Project: 10-12 weeks

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